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NOTE: The online demo is built with the Lite Edition that, unlike the Commercial Edition, only supports IE5+, NS6.1+ and Opera7+.

A sophisticated financial 4-4-5 calendar (Powered by FlatCalendarXP)

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  • Click on any date to select it into the list; click on any selected date again to remove it from the list. Click on the DoW (day of week) caption will select the whole day column of current month. Click on week number will select the whole week.
  • Holding the Shift, Ctrl or Alt key to select/remove multiple dates by range.
  • Hit and drag on the dates to select range, right-click to deselect range.
  • Dragging is supported on IE4+(except Mac), NS6+, Mozilla, Safari and Konqueror3+.
  • You may find more about the multi-select capability in the Multi-Picker demo in the download package.
  • The last day (or 2 days if leap year) of the last quarter is hidden - this is not a bug but a nature of 4-4-5 calendars - because they only cover 364 days of a year.
Acknowledgement to Clark Matthews for the help building this wonderful demo.

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